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A Superior Healthy Clean For Your Home & Office






We Will Reduce Pet Dander, Allergens and Bacteria with Our Certified Cleaning


According to the AAFA Organization, nasal allergies affect approximately 50 million Americans annually. Those who suffer from allergies or the residual effects of pet dander, generally understand the importance of vacuuming carpets frequently. But standard vacuums do not always catch the pet dander, bacteria and allergens that are lurking in your home or business. That's where we come in. We offer a professional cleaning service that helps aid in the reduction of asthma and allergies. Our biodegradable cleaning solutions are safe for kids and pets, one hundred percent all natural, organic and green as well as providing a high pressure -low moisture cleaning that is paired with an anti bacterial treatment ridding your home or office of unhealthy conditions. These services include Carpet Cleaning, Furniture Cleaning, Area Rug Cleaning, Tile & Grout Cleaning, Natural Stone and Hardwood Cleaning.


                                 Carpet Cleaning

                                                    Deep cleaning your carpets rids your home of pollen, dust, debris, dirt, soil,                                   bacteria, pet dander, allergens, spots and stains which not only provides a                                     showroom appearance, but provides the indoor air  quality that is                                                   medically necessary to live comfortably. You can rest assured that with our                                   carpet cleaning, your carpets will be left clean, fluffy, fresh and free of any                                     soapy or detergent residue other carpet cleaners and steam cleaners leave behind. This means your carpets will be soft and clean while lasting longer than other carpet cleaners out there. Our non toxic carpet cleaning process is friendly for pets, children and those with most medical problems. For those with allergies and asthma, we help alleviate instead of irritate those issues. Our specialized formula creates a healthy indoor home and office environment that provides the longest lasting clean, this industry can offer you. And we guarantee it.

                                 Furniture Cleaning

                                                    Most people clean their upholstery when they notice a spot, stain or dirt                                         build up. But did you know that your upholstery acts as a filter just like your                                   air conditioning's filtration system? Dirt and dust floats around until it finds                                     a place to nestle in. Furniture is the prime place for this and creates a                                             festering environment for allergens, bacteria, pollen, dust, dirt, debris            dander and oils from your skin and hair. We offer deep cleaning, fine particle removal and power vacuuming to provide like-new conditions for furniture with build ups. Furniture cleaning is the number one way to help allergy and asthma suffers breathe easier. For oil build up on head rests and high contact areas such as where your hands and feet go, we condition the areas to remove the oil build up and restore the color of the fabric. As well, almost all spots and stains can be corrected and removed using our extensive products line.

                                  Carpet Repair and Carpet Stretching

                                  Carpets that are not installed properly or have received some sort of                                              trauma from in most cases comes from furniture moving become loose                                          and require carpet stretching and retacking. Other types of carpet repairs                                      include but are not limited to z bar repair, threshold repair, cut and plugs                                        for minor burns and irreversible stains, pad replacement and carpet                                                re-installation for many reasons including pet damage and water damage.  Many other companies cannot perform this type of work or do not have enough experience to do the job right. Our repair specialists have more than 30 years in just repairing and installing carpet, that you can rest assured the job will be done right. It is worth noting, many other local    cleaners will sub contract their repair work to us because of our incredible repair work knowledge and our ability to deliver top quality results.

                                 Oriental & Fine Area Rug Cleaning
                                 Area rugs are the staple centerpiece for many rooms in many homes and
                                 businesses. There is a wide variety of materials and rugs with different                                           construction as well as many factors that determine the value and cost of
                                 an area rug. Hand made rugs such as most Oriental, Tibetan, Turkish,                                           Wool, Jute, Hides, Sisal, Cotton and Silk are generally more expensive                                         and are harder to replace because they are typically one of a kind- handmade area rugs. These rugs require delicate care with cleaning expertise. We also clean and treat your wide range of synthetic materials such as jute, nylon, herculon and polypropylene which are standard rugs found in most home goods stores. Our state of the art area rug cleaning facility provides a safe and clean environment for area rugs to be cleaned, sanitized, disinfected, go through a submersion pit process and proper drying for a full and extensive cleaning that rids germs, dirt, bacteria, oils, dander, pet urine odor and stains, spills, dander and much more. We offer in home cleanings and pick up and delivery service.


                                 Tile & Grout Cleaning                     

                                                    Grout lines can often turn a beautiful room into a room that appears to

                                 to need a major cosmetic overhaul. When grout lines look too dirty and

                                 and dingy that they may be unrepairable, many people begin to shop for 

                                 replacement options. We have the ablity to restore all grout lines and even

                                 re-color them which is a fraction of the cost as replacement is. 

                                 Tile, grout & stone are not immune to the unhealthy atmospheric conditions that tends to fester in and around your home. As time goes by, dirt and grime build up in the porous areas of your stone, grout and ceramic tile flooring and porcelain tile flooring, counter tops, showers, pool and spa rims, walls, etc., providing the perfect conditions for an unhealthy breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria. Areas such as bathrooms and kitchen, with ceramic tile and porcelain tile, where germs can run rampant, it’s important to do all that is possible to cut down on the spread of bacteria. To rid your home or business of bacteria and restore the color and shine of your floors, a professional high pressure cleaning with the correct products and detail equipment is required. Ceramic tile floor and counter cleaning and porcelain tile floor and counter cleaning will change the look and feel of your home and business while providing intensely better indoor air quality. For tile, grout & natural stone cleaning, grout repair, tile repair & stone repair and installation of tile and stone, your have found the company that will work with you to achieve the exact results you are looking for.

                                                       Natural Stone Cleaning & Polishing

                                                       Natural cleaning for travertine, marble, granite, limestone, sandstone,

                                   flagstone, terrazzo, concrete, slate and saltillo. These hard surfaces are                                         chosen for floors and counters because of their strength and durability.                                           They do however trap more dirt, debris, dander, bacteria and allergens                                            because they are porous material. These materials require frequent                                                cleaning and sealing to avoid build up in the pores and joints as well as prevent permanent discoloration and staining from spills and use. We offer a gentle approach to a long lasting clean. When stone floors, counter tops and walls become dull, we hone and polish them to restore the beauty and luster of each natural stone material. Stone floor polishing changes the appearance entirely of the floor or counter top by bringing the layer up that is not worn or etched. Travertine naturally has holes in the stone which some customers wish to fill. We provide a service in which we closely match the color of the stone and fill the holes. We also provide repairs for natural stone & grout lines.



                                                        Hardwood Floor Cleaning

                                                        It is important to properly maintain and seal hardwood floors to retain

                                    their natural beauty. Mops and brooms to not extract dirt, grime, bacteria 

                                    and allergens, they actually just push them around. Professional 

                                    hardwood floor cleaning is required to properly maintain the floor using 

                                    a deep extraction hardwood floor cleaning method. Not all equipment is 

                                    the same in this industry and we utilize the best machines and detail 

 detail equipment to provide our customers with the very best results. We will improve your

air quality and circulation with our professional hardwood floor cleaning service. We use a high

speed brush, powerful yet delicate cleaning solutions to trap and rid dirt and use powerful extraction equipment to immediately move contaminants from your floor to our truck. Your home or business will have never felt so clean after our clean, seal and sanitizing hardwood floor cleaning service.

                                   Pet Urine Odor & Stain Removal Treatment

                                   We love our pets but the can create a challenge of keeping a home clean,

                                   healthy and smelling clean when pet accidents occur. Pet urine odor may

                                   exist while not being able to see any stains which can make it quite 

                                   difficult for homeowners to address. On the other hand, there are cases

                                   where odors may or may not exist but stains hinder the showroom look

                                   of the carpeting. In each case we have solutions that can help. Our pet

urine odor treatment and pet stain treatment will attack the bacteria in the carpet which will kill the eradicate the odor while addressing the stains and neutralizing the color. Our professional carpet cleaning pet urine treatment and pet stain treatment removes odors, bacteria and bacteria caused growth which will provide you a healthy home environment.


                                                         Commercial & Business Carpet, Tile/Grout & Wood Floor Cleaning

                                    Our company uses the industries leading products and equipment to

                                    clean carpets, tile, grout, natural stone, vinyl and linoleum, area rugs,                                            hardwood floors and just about any other surface. We provide                                                        comprehensive on site estimates, competitive pricing and superior                                                  cleaning results. Our fast drying, organic and deep cleanings cannot be

                                    beat. We provide service during times that do not disrupt your business.





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